In the southeastern-most part of the continent Itevia rests the small mining town of Blackendale in the middle of the Ash Forest. As the Itevian Government’s largest deposit of Blackstone, Blackendale’s mines are of large interest for it’s enemies. Luckily enough for them, the Ash Forest is largely inhospitable to most any besides the local Goblin Tribes that live throughout. Unluckily for Blackendale, these tribes have been growing more and more dangerous over the past few months.

Violence has finally erupted into the open.

With the past Governors killed by Goblin attacks and the loss of control of Blackendale Mine, Alelard Esmer – the town’s new Governor – has put out a call for Monster Hunters, as their relatively meek Militia must stay alert at town at all times— in fear of a large attack wiping out it’s citizens.

In Defense of Blackendale